It’s that time of year again and we can’t quite believe how fast 2016 has flown!
To all our Roodebloem friends and family

Enjoy the holiday season and the well deserved break.
See you all in the new year! 
x  o  x

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We’re pleased to have hosted the launch of the stunning new Fujifilm X-T2 in our Jett Studio on the second level of the Daylight building in mid August this year.

The upstairs kitchen studio was perfect for welcome drinks and pre-presentation meet-and-greet before heading into the Jett studio itself where the team from Fuji Film SA had a projector and equipment setup on the infinity curve.

After the presentation from the Fuji Experts, Peter Delaney Fine Art Photography, John Armstrong Photography and, three talented Fuji ambassadors spoke about their experience with the new model and presented some of their work shot on the X-T2.

A lovely feature of the daylight building with both mountain and sea views which is often overlooked is our roof deck. For this event, the perfect place for people to test out the capabilities of X-T2.

Thanks to Fujifilm SA and Hein Hough for involving us in the launch of this awesome new camera.

Photos by Tatyana Levana

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Many people are surprised to hear that all our Studios are available for event venue hire.
The spaces all vary in size and layout and are used for corporate functions, weddings, product launches, master classes, media presentations as well as private functions.

Below is a perfect example of how our spaces can be transformed from a beautiful blank canvas to what ever your heart desires.

Video by House Of Vizion

This event was the collaborative launch of Tamara Chérie’s new collection along side the sleek new furniture range from a | Create, two fresh new ranges that compliment each other fantastically.

Cuisine: Stir Food
Bar & Staffing: Shake and Serve & The Aleit Academy
Furniture and decor: A Create
Couture: Tamara Chérie
Photography: Joe/Daniela Photography
MC: Aleit Swanepoel from The Aleit Group
#RoodebloemStudios #CommonThread #aCREATE #TamaraCherie

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The Drive-in studio, host to many different kinds of stills, film shoots and events was perfect for Foschini’s Denim Fashion Friends Campaign. The spacious and diverse space of the 160sm studio was able to accommodate the large number of featured South African bloggers as well as the talented team of creatives.

Photographer Richard Keppel Smith and the team had a busy day coordinating the many beautiful SA bloggers in line for hair, makeup, a video shoot as well as the stills campaign.

Art Direction: Tania Rossouw of TFG
H&M: Bernice Dodd and Sebastine Pepler
Styling: Elzaan Smit of TFG
Assistants: Nic Leighton of Cape Collective Assist and Lufezo-Jigga Thomas
Photos: Tatyana Levana

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On a number of occasions the lower half of the daylight building at number 43 Roodebloem Road has played host to the wonderful Woolworths setup, showcasing new ranges and previewing styles for the season ahead.

This setup, which isn’t the most recent showcase sometimes takes two full days and a late night transforms the first level of the daylight building into the stunning showroom for the Woolworths Media day where bloggers and media personal are invited to preview the ranges and enjoy some delicious canapés and drinks.
The space was very cleverly utilised, showcasing many different styles and kinds of homeware within the 160sm of floor space in the Drive-in Studio and Tailor Shop of 48sm.

Vivian Baratt and her team installed shelving, flats, hanging fixtures, mirrors and painted sections of the drive-in walls to accompany the specific surrounding setup. Our space is used by many for this type of purpose since we allow our clients to alter the space to suit their events requirements.

Photos by Tatyana Levana

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After four faithful years, Andy Reeves our Assistant Studio Manager has decided to spread his wings and venture out into the world to focus on his own work as well as photographic assisting and retouching.

Photos by Jonathan Kope of Kope | Figgins in our Church Studio.

We are looking to fill his position so if you’re keen to find our more regarding what the job entails, please feel free to email studio owner Jan Verboom on with your CV and 5 reasons why you would like to have this job.

Andy, your presence at Roodebloem Studios will be greatly missed by all and we wish you only the best of luck, we have no doubt that you’ll do fantastically well in all that you pursue.

To see some of Andy’s work visit:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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The 160sm Drive-in Studio with a garage door of 2.3m x 2.5m makes this studio on the first floor of our Daylight building the ultimate automotive shooting location. Two cars are able to fit parked alongside on the infinity curve of 9.7m x 7.1m x 9m, be it for stills/film shoots or an event featuring motorcars. This studio is used for a countless number of diverse shoots and event venues but its always nice to see a sexy car stationed in the Drive-in studio.

Ciro De Siena who features in the video below is a content contributor and motor journalist at and utilises the space on a regular basis to film content for the channel. He likes the size and diversity of the space which allows him and his team from Bounceboard Productions to shoot comfortably and record on location sound.

Photos by Tatyana Levana

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We so often have a bevy of beauties frequenting the various studio spaces so its always nice to pop in on shoots with male models taking the floor and doing there thing in front of the camera.
Markham’s winter catalogue by Justin Polkey was shot in our 200sm Church studio, utilising the adjustable 5×5 bounce above the 9m high infinity curve in the hundred year old stone church for a really effective lighting setup. The bounce hight can be changed to suit your shoot and also works well for recording on-location sound.

Justin and his team had access to the makeup room, courtyard, kitchen and gallery studio space for the booking of the Church and used the spaces wonderfully for duration of the shoot. The male models were on top form and shot stills as well as the fashion video by Roice Nel.

MODEL: Toyin Oyeneye of Ice Models CT and BETH model Management
STYLIST: Mavuso Mbutuma of One League Creative Management
M&M: Diana Asherson of One League Creative Management
BTS PHOTOS: Tatyana Levana


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We had the lovely ladies of Donna Claire join us in the Jett Studio for their catalogue shoot with photographer Antonia Steyn of Agent Emma a while back.
They utilised the 160sm of Daylight Studio space wonderfully setting up the make up and hair stations for artists Jeanette Genis and Bernice Dodd to work their magic while the kitchen area provided space for lunch and balcony for the occasional smoke break.

The Jett studio, like all our other spaces has wifi, kitchen and bathroom facilities, a mobile make-up station, daylight/blackout options and a bose sound system so you’re able to have great sound to keep the energy up and set the mood while shooting. Our studios are used for stills, film shoots and all kinds of events as well has our on-site gear rental facilities which make it a one stop shop for your studio needs.

HAIR: Jeanette Genis
MAKEUP: Bernice Dodd
STYLING: Elzaan Smit
FASHION: Tania Rossouw
MODELS: Junette Eva, Deborah M, Charnelle Paulse,
of Ice genetics CT
BTS photos: Tatyana Levana

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Exactly two months after showing their headline-making autumn/winter 2016 collection
Curio | City at AFI Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg, Mille Collines are back with this powerful show and photographic exhibition and to introduce Namnyak Odupoy as designer since March 2015.
Photographed by Aubrey Jonnson of One League Creative Management in our Hall studio, the catalogue images used for the exhibition and show were conceptualised by show producer Deon Redman and styled by Art Directors Inés Milles and Marc Collines.

Curio | City is a tribute to African women and celebrates the power of these women as beauties as well as individuals. The Halls 180sm floor space made it comfortable for the large team of models and creatives to relax between shots and have space to move while involved in the process of wrapping the wonderful turbans seen in the shots. Makeup by Raine Tauber and Gareth Coleman of M.A.C Cosmetics who used the make up room space to work their magic and store their kits.

Mille Collines’ take on the new Africa is a refreshing, elegant mix of tailored suits, beading, elegant evening wear as well as their trademark resort wear. Each look was strikingly rounded off with a turban: “We believe the turbans are the high heels of Africa. We believe in a very natural, clean and simple aesthetic. We believe a woman almost doesn’t need anything else; she is quite amazing as she is,” Inés Mille says.

“It’s not about having a ‘show’, but rather an interactive, engaging experience in a minimalist space. All the elements were pared down and presented as simply and honestly as possible,” says Redman. “We wanted to take a fresh approach and present African fashion without having it become a styled spectacle.”
They therefore looked for “not just models, but for individuals, each of whom is on her own journey through the world, regardless of where she comes from.” The nine participating models, each wearing a turban, presented themselves in a tableau before taking turns to introduce themselves and share what it means to be a woman who is proud of her roots and inspired by Africa.

Majority of words and all info by Jenna McArthur PR and her wonderful press release.

Exhibition images Printed by ArtLab
In Collaboration with M.A.C Cosmetics,

Behind the Scenes Images by Tatyana Levana

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The Drive-in studio was host to the Foschini Autumn Catalogue shoot with Photographer Richard Keppel Smith .

The team joined us for a few days of shooting and really made the space come to life.
Tania the fabulous fashionista from Foschini always brings the most fun and friendly atmosphere into the studio, making everyone laugh and feel relaxed during the long days of shooting.
The lovely Catalogue ladies used the couches and kitchen area to relax and await their next shot after their session in the makeup room and wardrobe change.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Richard Keppel Smith
HAIR: Jeanette Genis
MAKEUP: Bernice Dodd
STYLING: Lezaan Smit
BTS Photography: Tatyana Levana Photography

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Nomuzi Mabena, television personality and hip hop artist best known for winning the 2012 MTV Base VJ Search shot with Photographer Damon Fourie for the Cosmo Body Cover in our Drive-in Studio.
The floor space in the Drive-in is 160m2 and can accommodate large teams, huge amounts of gear, film sets and a few cars on the curve should you so desire. They used the space to film some fitness video content, host the interview and swag out in the Adidas range used for the shoot.

Styling: Cleo Cleo Marcopoulos
Makeup: Algria Ferreira
Hair: Kevin Epstein
BTS Photography: Tatyana Levana

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PUMA x Dee And Ricky Launch

Dee and Ricky, brothers from NYC have partnered up with PUMA on a colourful and playful range of sneakers, clothes and accessories in their first global collection.
These self professed fashion curators have captured peoples attention with their bright and unconventional designs with a fresh take on sports wear and a playful attitude towards street style.


The launch for the exciting collaboration was held in Jett Studio, the second level of our daylight building. All studios are available for event venue hire and can be used in any way to suit your setup needs.
As people arrived they were greeted with an array of treats and delicious snacks set up in the Kitchen Studio space which leads into Jett.

The launch was set up wonderfully using sections of the space for the bar, craft table and colourful PUMA x Dee And Ricky display on the curve. After collecting their tote bag from the rail, people sat together at the long table to decorate and adorn the bags with the provided multicoloured lego, sequins, ribbon, zippers, beads, glue guns, string, tassels, thread, letters and more. A lot of fun was had as people got to express their own creativity by personalizing their bags while socializing with other industry folk in our lovely open space.

Slideshow Photos: Dune Tilley

Square tile Photos: Tatyana Levana

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The 200sm Church Studio is the original shooting space at Roodebloem and the only one of our studios with a 13m high wooden ceiling, making it possible to use high stands, large rigs for film shoots and to get those extreme top shots. The 6×6 scrim shown in the pictures below is adjustable and can be lifted or lowered to suit your setup and even aid live vocal recordings for on location sound.

The talented Nadia Von Scotti shot with three lovely young ladies Jourdana, Kim and Mari in the Church Studio for a beauty feature in Edgars Club Magazine.
The stained glass windows let beautiful natural light pour into the church which Nadia used along with studio lighting ~ All windows have full blackout option and can be adjusted to suit your set up.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Nadia Von Scotti of One League Creative Management
ASSISTANT: Dylan Boerstra of Cape Collective Assist
HAIR: Kevin Epstein
MAKEUP: Marlinette Newman
Kim Davidson of Boss Models
Jourdana Phillips of Fusion Models
Mari Of Vision Models


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