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This is fun video production I shot with my wife Nicky Felbert in Cape Town.

We were asked to do a live shoot at film industry event. as exciting as that sounded we realized that there were challenges that comes with shooting in front of hundreds of your peers.

We shot the video on a Canon 7D, using both a set of Zeis Prime Lenses and my trusty old Super Takumar 55mm 1.8 lens.

Our team consisted of Sebastian Voigt (lighting), Walter Chitate (Assistant), Shahnaz Cola-Wrensc and Alet Viljoen doing Hair and Make Up, Gizelle Baumgart

Adrian Nakic of the Sunshine Company supplied the amazing Profoto 800 HMI lights as well as the new Swedish Chameleon camera stabilization rig. Find them at
The lights are so easy to work with as they remain cool and fit all the regular Profoto flash light shaping heads, while drawing minimal electricity.
The camera rig made light work of the camera set up and was a pleasure to use.

I edited the project using Premier Pro and After Effects.

The amazing music was kindly supplied by Jerome Arthur – find the rest of his work on-line at iTunes as well as

The old Buick was supplied by Gary at Motostars in Cape Town –

The event was hosted by Jan Verboom of Roodebloem Studios in Cape Town –

What you can’t see from the video is that we were shooting at night and the wind was howling – probably the worst wind in Cape Town for years. Roofs blowing off, trees uprooted and broken in the night. And we were shooting under a tent covering outside. What a fun shoot! :)

Adrian Lazarus
Tel: 082 973 4673

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