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Deb Jardine and XDC

An enormous thank you to Deb Jardine, for your precious time, for organising your wonderful troupe of XDC (Express Dance Company) dancers, for filling four dance floors, for your Tango dancers, the break-dancers  the mother daughter singing duo, the Ribbon Dancers, the 50 strong Flash Mob and also for your wonderful choreography skills. Without your effort the event would have felt very different. Recently returned from California and after many years of working on similar Productions, her wealth of experience, her many skills is certainly an asset to our Film Industry.

Deb Jardine
Tel: 078 364 0173
Website: XDC Cape Town


XDC set to create a unique & memorable experience at our studios next month

Born in Cape Town, Deb trained in all styles of dance; enjoying a career performing in musical theatre productions, cabaret nightclubs, television and corporate events throughout South Africa, and abroad. Inspired by teachers, choreographers and many wonderful directors, Deb started her own commercial dance company responsible for all choreography, costuming, musical direction, production and marketing.

Twenty years abroad have endowed Deb with a plethora of events related expertise, from event design and production, dance education and creation to motherhood, birthing new projects along her Journey.  Deb moved back to her hometown in August 2011 with her husband and daughter, inspired and invigorated to continue her passion…Dance Theatre!

XDC was launched at Trinity, Cape Town on April 3rd 2012.  eXpress Dance Company’s professional performers, captivate the audience with highly stylized choreography, costumes and dance theatre throughout the event; creating a memorable experience for all!  XDC prides itself with being a source of entertainment excelling in versatility and where passion meets style with simplicity. Custom to the client’s requests, XDC provides a professional production every time…whatever the theme and however large or small the event!

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