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The Lorry Wines from Ian Corder

A big thank you to Ian Corder from Corder Wines and Elgin Valley Vineyards for sharing your lovely Red Lorry and Yellow Lorry wines with us. Be sure to try out some of their awesome Special Reserve Shiraz and Poor Corder Shiraz when you’re in the mood to spoil yourself.


Ian Corder
Cell: 083 255 2678
Tel: 021 851 3212
Website: &


Cafe Culture

A big thank you to Cafe Culture who supplied the Arrival Drinks, mmmm! Tel: 021 807 3900 Email:


Tongue twisting fun from Elgin Valley Vineyards

“Don’t say it, drink it” – so reads the label of the new wine range from Elgin Valley Vineyards; probably good advice since the name – Red Lorry and Yellow Lorry – is derived from a classic tongue twister.

Red Lorry and Yellow Lorry began with a story about a faithful little lorry that went chugging up the mountain to fetch grapes from the Elgin Valley, to make wine at the Red & Yellow Lorry Wine Factory; this lead the owners, Ian and Anette Corder, to consider a less serious wine as a break from the business of boutique production.

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