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To chase away the cold we have hospitality sized mushroom heaters that can be used in any of our studios.

Needing some energy in your images? We stock 2 different sizes.

Large trampoline
Small trampoline

EFX Gels
Reel Efx Windmachine
Battery Operated Leafblowers
Battery Operated Windmachine
Smoke Machine

We stock more than 30 different Savage paper colour backdrops.

Our backdrops are the standard 2.72m x 11m in height.

We can source in extra wide backdrops should you need.
Send us an email and we’ll send you a colour swatch.


Over the years we have collected a range of hand painted Canvas backdrops, some of them are 6 meter wide seamless options.

If you require a simple corner setup, we can help you assemble it with our flats and stays.

Size = 2.6m x 1.8m
Stays / A Frames
Set Builders on request

Bring your product line to life by using our easy to use still life table.

Manfrotto – 122cm wide

We stock a range of different shapes and sizes.

63 AMP 3 Phase Distribution Box
32 AMP to 15 AMP Spider Boxes
15 AMP Extension cables

Needing extra extra height? We can do 6 meters of scaffolding, and yes we stock various ladder sizes.

Is your model too short? We stock various apple box sizes for the extra lift ….

Folds and crinkles beware!
All studios come standard with a clothes rail and a steamer.

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