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A while back Gavin Goodman shot a Mercedes-Benz editorial in our Drive-In photographic studio and we caught up with him to find out the story behind these amazing final layouts.

What was the brief for the shoot?

The ‘Dream Car’ brief I got from Mercedes was quite unique as they gave me a lot of creative freedom. Dylan Culhane, the editor of Mercedes-Benz Life magazine approached me after he saw a conceptual portrait I did of illustrator Jade Klara [below] and wanted to take a similar approach for their upcoming editorial and commission a different illustrator to collaborate with me on each image. All I had to do was include a specific sports car with a model/fashion element.

Jade Klara Portrait

How did you decide what to shoot?

I wanted to show these cars from different perspectives and allow the illustrators to create these dream worlds that I would composite the cars and models into . After a few Skype chats with each illustrator I pulled a few references and started to get a pretty clear idea of how the images would look. When shooting these type of images I always have a fairly specific image in my head of what the finals will look like before actually going into the shoot.

Why did you shoot at Roodebloem Studios?

We shot this in 1 day at Roodebloem drive in studios. Because we had quite a bit of coverage over the 1 day, the adjustable sail above the curve really saved me a lot of time and hassle as I could avoid setting up a 20×20 scrim and was really easy adjust the height of the silk for each car setup.

Mercedes-Benz car photography Drive-In Studio Cape Town

What’s next?

The entire collaboration process was so much fun and I’m already in pre production on another Mercedes job – this time collaborating with a very talented CGI artist.

Here are some more behind the scenes from this wonderfully creative editorial photo shoot.

Concept : Dylan Culhane & Gavin Goodman
Photographer : Gavin Goodman @ Supernova Creative Management
Illustrator : Jade Klara , Linsey Levendal & Andrew Sutherland
Digital Assist : Casey Crafford
Lighting Assistant : Russ Goodman
Lighting : Profoto
Stylist : Crystal Birch
Hair & Make-up : Janine Pritschow
Model : Geli & Dante from 20 Management
Studio : The Drive-In Studio at Roodebloem Studios

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