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Recently we sat down with Gerhard Rasch, an art director and painted backdrop specialist, who will be helping out with one of the sets for a photo booth in our Jett Studio at the Film & Event Media end of year wrap party next month.

Gerhard has a degree in architecture and this knowledge definitely shows in his drawings and set designs. He started his film industry career after architecture and relocated to Paris for 6 years in the early nineties, which in effect was a political choice at the time, before returning to South Africa where he has been working between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

While Gerhard specialises in painted backgrounds he is also multi-talented. From building architectural models, sculpting, painting and ink sketching he can do just about anything. On top of this Gerhard has, in the past, been nominated for the Artes award for set decor with ‘Arende’ and won the Avanti award for production design with ‘Angels in a Cage’ a few years later. He is also a published Afrikaans poet.

Here are just a few examples of backdrops Gerhard has painted over the years and some of you may recognise the campaigns.

So if you need a backdrop, set design, sculpture or model for your next shoot, call Gerhard on 0845 16 16 20.


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