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Originally from the Netherlands, Helena has been on the scene art directing commercials and styling stills for around 20 years, likes photography, design, clay and effectuation, remembers the past mostly incorrectly, and tries to lead a serendipitous life.

This week we chatted with Helena to find out a bit more about her like the fact that she is a ceramicist who has her own kiln and a group that meets once a week. She was also a judge for the Loeries two years ago and has also lectured at AFDA.

RS: So Helena, where did your career begin?

HB: I studied styling at fashion college in Amsterdam. More fashion orientated then you have to choose couture which is design or styling, which I chose, that is about presentation and working with clients. I then came to South Africa and a friend of mine was a make-up artist. One day she came to me and said “what these art directors do on my shoots you could do with your eyes closed.” So I got an agent and that’s how I started.

RS: What are your strengths in terms of styling?

HB: I regard myself primarily as an art director because that’s what I’ve done the most. I’ve made a name for myself with stylish European interior décor because I’m very connected there. They know that I know what it really looks like. Making things like beautiful and real as in true to life and so that it doesn’t look art directed. I once had a director say to me, ‘Helena I can’t see what you’ve done which is great!’

RS: Your styling, is it more props or clothing?

HB: Mostly I do props, set dressing and design. On the clothing side I do lifestyle fashion but I don’t do high fashion and funky designer wear. If I have to then I just take my daughter who’s 19 and is perfect.

RS: How do people get in contact with you to book you for a shoot?

HB: People can call me directly on my cell 082 925 4538 or 021  683 9870. Otherwise they can email me:

Here is a show reel of some of Helena’s work and we can’t wait to see what set she comes up with for the Film & Event Media Fiesta next month…

[vimeo 29878734 w=640&h=380]

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