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Roodebloem staff If you’ve done a photo shoot or film shoot at our studios in the past ten years then you’ve probably met Cynthia before. She is one of our longest-serving employees who has been with us since 2001. You can’t help but be happy to see Cynthia with here trademark smile and ever helpful nature. Working behind the scenes she keeps our studios, kitchens and facilities looking their best.

Originally from the Eastern Cape, Cynthia speaks Xhosa, Zulu and English. In her spare time she likes watching TV, and her favourite show is 3 Talk with Noeleen. She also loves to read books and her favourite food is salad.

On the weekends Cynthia organises netball practice in the local park for the children of her community. She says it’s healthy for them and also gives them something to do so that they are not wandering the streets.

If she won a million dollars she would buy a car, renovate her house and then invest the rest. And if she could travel anywhere in the word she would like to see the rest of Africa.

Now you know a little more about Cynthia so when you’re next rent one of our studios and see Cynthia you can ask her what she’s reading.

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