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Roodebloem Staff Patrick

We have two Patricks at Roodebloem Studios so we’ve had to come up with a way to know which one we’re referring to. You’ve met ‘Tall’ Patrick so now let’s meet ‘Little’ Patrick but what he lacks in height he makes up for with his smile. ‘Little’ Patrick has been painting our photographic studios, inside and out, since he joined us in 2008. On hand to prepare flats and curves to your specifications or any of the colours stocked by LT Discount Paints and after you’ve got all your shots he will restore our surfaces back to a brilliant white ready for the next shoot

Patrick comes from a small town in the Eastern Cape but enjoys living near the ocean in Cape Town.  Back in school he used to play lots of soccer in various positions but never goalie, for obvious reasons.

Patrick also enjoys working with wood, if it’s not painting it then he’s cutting and shaping it. When he was younger he wanted to be a doctor but now Patrick’s dream would be to have his own furniture design and manufacturing business.

As you can probably tell from his smile, Patrick likes to joke around and so be prepared to smile and laugh when he’s around.

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