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Equipment Rental Manager MartinMartin has been the equipment rental manager here at Roodebloem Studios for eighteen months. Whether you’re looking to rent cameras, lenses, stands or lights for a shoot he’s your man. He also has lots of experience in the industry so if you’re not sure what you need he’ll give you advice and if there’s something we don’t have, rest assured he’ll be able to source it for you.

Cape Town born and bred, Martin’s enjoyment of film making prompted his getting into the film industry although for a couple of years he was a full-time beekeeper for farms across the region.

His favourite movie is Angel-A (a French movie, don’t worry we haven’t seen it either), his favourite food is Twinkies and his lucky number is zero (is that even a number?)

Back when he was studying photography, with only 10 Rand to his name, Martin decided to try his luck on the slot machines. With nothing to lose he ended up winning R300

Martin says he used to have hobbies like landscaping and producing the odd track of dub music but since the arrival of his daughter Hanna in January last year weekends have become family time and if he won a million Rand he’d spend it all on her.

Martin doesn’t play sport except for an annual mountain bike trip and is right-handed but eats left-handed (we think this is pretty strange too).

Martin’s favourite studio here at Roodebloem is the Hall, perhaps because it’s where he spends most of his time checking gear in and out. Although he has always liked Mac (over Windows) he is slowly being convinced otherwise. He can also speak Afrikaans and German which comes in handy with some of the international teams.

To contact Martin, with any questions you may have about digital or photographic gear rental simply call him on 021 447 1617 or Email Martin.

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