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Roodebloem staff MattMatt has been with Roodebloem Studios for just on two years now and is the digital & lighting assistant to Jan Verboom. When not out on a shoot you’ll find him at the studios retouching images.

Born and bred in Cape Town, Matt always wanted to get into film. Using his dad’s old camera he used to make films when he was in primary school. While in the UK on a gap year, Matt bought his first camera and then came back to study photography. After a brief stint in book design and photographic wallpapers he then joined Roodebloem Studios.

On the weekends Matt enjoys hiking, taking photos (obviously) and has recently taken to trail running. Matt also enjoys playing games which he says is thanks to a SanDisk competition where he won a TV and Xbox console.

Everyone in Matt’s family can play a musical instrument except for Matt. When Matt was in Sub A he played a recorder with his nose, the teacher complained to his mom and that was the end of his musical career.

The first thing Matt would do if he won a million Rand is fix his car after which he’d go overseas. He wants to visit Alaska, Iceland, Greenland, or anywhere in northern Europe and go trekking through the snowy wilderness.

And if he wasn’t in the photographic industry Matt says he would be a fire fighter so don’t be surprised if you see him running up Table Mountain, with camera in hand, the next time there is a fire on the slopes above the city.

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