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MonicaWorking away quietly, so quietly that you probably haven’t even noticed her, is Monica. She has been keeping our studios, kitchens and facilities spick and span since she joined us in 2009.

Monica hails from Engcobo in the Eastern Cape, a small town somewhere between Queenstown and Mthatha. While she still has family in the EC she now lives in Cape Town with her two daughters.

As you’d expect from a mother, Monica would do anything for her daughters and the first thing she’d do if she won a million Rand is build them a beautiful house back in the Eastern Cape.

Monica’s favourite colours are grey, brown and white but she can’t decide which of our studios is her favourite. She likes the modern daylight studios but she also likes the character of the Hall and Church Studios on the other side of the road. When she’s not working you’ll probably find her reading a newspaper or watching the news on TV, so she’d be a good ‘phone a friend’ on a current affairs question.

What she likes about Roodebloem Studios is that she says there is ‘no stress’ and that everyone she works with is so nice, which is why we like her. And  when you ask Monica how she is, she always responds with ‘Ndiphilile’ (Xhosa for I am fine).

PS – Monica has a twin sister who also lives in Cape Town, just in case you run into both of them together and think you’re seeing double.

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