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Niel has been with Roodebloem Studios for almost three years and is currently our Studio Manager who liaises with clients, generates quotes and invoices, takes studio bookings, fixes our internet connections when they go down – in fact he does almost everything.

We sat down and asked Niel a few questions so that you could get to know him better (and we even learnt a few things ourselves.)

Niel was born in George, spent his early development years in Cape Town, went back to George for high school and then came straight back to Cape Town. After school, he wasn’t sure what to study and went to the UK where he fell into a freelancing photography job and on returning to Cape Town went on to formally study photography.

Japan seems to have a lot of influence on Niel. His favourite food is Teppanyaki, his favourite movie is  Tekkonkinkreet and if he could be anywhere right now it would be in a small ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in Kanto, Japan. Niel also participates in mixed martial arts and when he was younger won the SA Karate Championships.

Niel enjoys spending time with friends on the weekends, his hobbies are experimental physics and electronics reconstruction (or rather deconstruction). He can play a number of instruments including the piano, violin, bass cello, jazz flute, guitar and drums. Niel is also fluent in Afrikaans and Japanese.

The one thing Niel has waited the longest in line for was a couple of beers at the bar at Download Festival in 2007 (clearly a traumatic event) and the first thing he’d do if he won a million dollars is give some to his family.

Niel really likes the relaxed vibe at Roodebloem Studios and his favourite studio is Jett.

So there you have it, everything you wanted to know about Niel. If we left something out, simply ask Niel a question in the comments section below.

To contact Niel, with any questions you may have about our availability and rental of our photographic studios simply call him on 021 447 6326  and after hours on 082 654 8870 or Email Niel.

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