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Patrick who works at Roodebloem StudiosWe have two Patricks at Roodebloem Studios, one happens to be very tall while the other one is short. Meet ‘Tall’ Patrick who has been looking after our photographic studios for the last two and half years. As part of maintenance he fixes anything from squeaky hinges to filling tiny cracks in the wall while atop 8 metres of scaffolding.

‘Tall’ Patrick original comes from the Eastern Cape, can speak Xhosa, Zulu and English, enjoys watching Generations, likes to eat spicy chicken and pap. He used to play soccer until an ankle injury from a bad tackle put him out of action but he still enjoys watching games when he can.

Patrick’s favourite studio is the Drive-In because of the very big curve which he enjoys painting his favourite colour, white, which is just as well because he has to re-paint it after almost every film or photographic shoot we have in the studio.

We asked ‘tall’ Patrick what he’d do if he won a million Rand and he said “I’d open my own business, a Spaza Shop.”  On the weekends, if the weather is good, Patrick enjoys going to Monwabisi Beach with his four daughters.

So the next time you shoot at our studios (particularly the Drive-In) and you see Patrick (the tall one) then be sure say either ‘hello’, ‘molo’, ‘sawubona’ or all three.

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