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Last month we had Vishesh Films, a leading production house in Mumbai recording their eighth film in Cape Town in as many years. They produce three to four films a year and one of them is always Cape Town “they love the city and always come back.” This film is set in the photographic industry. The lead character plays a wildlife photographer who dabbles in fashion photography and then tries to blend and merge the two. Called Murder 3, the film is a sensual thriller, a love story with a murder element.
We spoke to Mehboob Bawa, line producer for Film Ad, on set in the courtyard who said about location that “It’s really cool. This space (Roodebloem Studios) lends itself to photographic stuff. I personally have worked here as an actor before so I know this space. When they came through and gave us their brief I remembered this space. I suggested it to them, checked out your website, came for a location scout and they liked what they saw.” And as far as the filming was concerned he said, “Sasha and the team have been really accommodating.”
All the Bollywood filmmakers come to Cape Town and go back to India and they say it’s like “heaven on earth” for them because of the close proximity of different locations and the quality of the crews working here. The Cape Film Commission and the Film Permit Office have been a great help so all in all I think we’ve got something really good going here in Cape Town.

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