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Thomas Klopfer, the spark behind Wolf Lighting, combines years of international skill with advanced technical know-how and he’ll be at our Film & Event Media Wrap Party later this month to show off some of latest lighting products available for your next shoot.

Klopfer a gaffer whose in-depth knowledge of the film industry spans from Germany to Europe and South Africa, brings professional lighting knowledge and electrical experience to any production.

Thomas has also worked a lot with Caleb Heyman, cinematographer and here is a showreel of some of his work.

Wolf Lighting’s Thomas Klopfer is a passionate and professional gaffer and lighting electrician. Working with production teams in different countries for many years has given him an intuitive ability to interpret a DOP’s brief with insight and speed. Klopfer integrates aesthetic lighting requirements with advanced technical proficiency.

Experience working with storyboards and an understanding of leadership in a creative environment helps Klopfer to stay one step ahead in the filming process. His motto, you’re only as good as your team, enables Wolf Lighting to offer an outstanding gaffer and lighting service to the film industry.

Wolf Lighting also offers clients state-of-the-art lighting equipment, such as DOP Choice products such as the DoPChoice Snapgrids – a quick softlight option for your filmset. Thanks to the durable fabric and integrated stretching system there is no tummy even when hung upside down. They are simple to install on all different makes of frames. And thanks to the patented Snapgrid technology you save a lot of time and can install your grid in 3 easy steps. Still not convinced , just watch this video demonstration.

Special Offer

Buy one 8 x 8, 12 x 12 or 20 x 20 Butterfly Grid and get one 4 x 4 Snap Grid for free !

NB: This offer is valid in South Africa only until 30.11.2012

To get in touch with Thomas Klopfer,

Telephone : 072 736 3332 or +49 152 06238473

Website :

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