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Sunflower Fund

We offered our studios to The Sunflower Fund for their new awareness commercial with agency Jupiter Drawing Room. This was shot by director Sarel Esterhuizen and Wishbones following on from their success with last year’s campaign. Everybody on the commercial worked for free, including Incuthu Catering who provided food for the team, and the gear was sponsored by Panalux and Panavision.

The ad is a close up on the faces of cancer children looking into the camera. Sarel wanted to create a connection between viewers and children suffering with cancer, hence making it dramatic and emotional

The children in the commercial are all cancer kids who are either presently in treatment or who have recovered from cancer.

The Sunflower Fund is a non-profit organisation who educate, recruit and raise funds to sustain the South African Bone Marrow Registry. Their aim is to secure financial support in order to increase the number of bone marrow stem donors in SA. The odds of find a donor are 1:100 000 so their idea is to expand the registry to 100 000. To become a donor or to find out more, visit their website

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