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Gerda Genis directing the action

Fashion photographer, Gerda Genis shot a fun launch campaign at Roodebloem recently in which a model was suspended from the ceiling to look like she was “floating on a cloud”.

Shot for Zando, a new South African online fashion retail portal, the concept by appointed agency 60 layers of cake was to show just how easy life is when you can shop for all you fashion needs online.

Gerda’s decision to shoot at Roodebloem was an easy one because she knew of the permanent rig hanging from the church ceiling and that everything was already in place to suspend the model. As she puts it ” not every studio has a hook in the right place!”

Shooting in the church was the perfect location as there is always enough room for set-building. Also reassuring for teams is that last-minute gear requirements can be easily sorted out with Roodebloem’s on-site equipment rentals.

Roodebloem Studios

A behind-the-scenes video of the day shows how it all happened. We will be uploading this onto our Blog page as soon as editing is complete.

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