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Tell’s, an exciting new cider from Stellen Fine Wines is set to take on the big boys in the South African cider market.

The 6% ABV off-dry thirst-quencher is named after William Tell, the expert marksman of Swiss legend who shot an apple off his son’s head with a crossbow, to save them both from execution at the hands of an Austrian tyrant whose hat they had refused to bow to.

“We admire the brave, stick-it-to-the-man spirit of William Tell, and like him, we’re standing up for what we believe,” says Rudolph du Toit, national marketing manager for the company. “We’re not just selling an artfully crafted, refreshing cider; we’re introducing a green-friendly, planet-conscious and far more convenient packaging option to the cider market.”

Tell’s Premium Cider has also launched South Africa’s first commercially available, authentic pear cider.

The ballsy brand from Stellen Fine Wines first entered the market with a premium, off-dry apple cider earlier this year, eliciting such a positive response that a follow-up product was a natural progression.

“We’re always looking for new ways to tantalise our consumers,” says Rudolph du Toit, national marketing manager for the company. “We saw potential in the market for a pear cider and we’re sure this crisp, refreshing, off-dry thirst-quencher will be as successful as our apple cider.”

A proudly South African product, Tell’s Pear Cider is made predominantly from Bartlett pears grown in the Western Cape, but the recipe includes Forelle, Packham’s Triumph, and three other locally grown pear varietals, each contributing to its unique, delicious flavour.

As far as is known, Tell’s is the first and only cider in South Africa to be marketed in a bottle made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (better known by the acronym PET). This is an eco-friendly, recyclable alternative to glass with a significantly lower carbon footprint.

With 10ml more cider than regular South African cider bottles, the Tell’s 340ml pack is still 34% lighter than those of its competitors. The PET bottle, which has a six-month shelf life, is also shatter-proof, making it ideal for occasions where glass restrictions apply, such as concerts, festivals and live events, making it a convenient alternative to glass bottled ciders.

The 340 ml bottle with a twist-off cap will likely retail for between R163 and R173 a case of 24 bottles, working out at between R6.80 and R7.20 a single unit.


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