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Woodstock in the 18th Century

In the early days of Cape Town before electricity and before transcontinental flight there existed ships and storms. Storms so frightful that the phrase “Cape of Storms” became widely used. One such storm ran 5 ships aground on Woodstock beach. A dairy farmer named Wolraad Woltemade rode himself and his horse into the churning ocean to save the shipwrecked sailors on board. Once, twice, thrice Wolraad and his horse rode into the waves bringing back sailors to the safety of the beach. After their 14th rescue Wolraad and his horse unfortunately succumbed to the force and brutality of the ocean. Saving 14 lives at the expense of his own has made Wolraad’s name famous throughout the Cape of storms.

Woodstock in the 18th century
1st of June 177

19th Century

During the Early 19th Century a peace treaty was signed between the British and Dutch under a tree on the edge of Woodstock beach. Today this 550 year old Milkwood tree still exists and can be seen on Treaty road. The area between the Castle and Salt River finally received a name change from Papendorp to Woodstock in the Mid 19th century. By 1862 Woodstock integrated into greater Cape Town with a railway connection.

woodstock in the 19th century
Woodstock Beach

20th Century

By the dawn of the 20th Century Woodstock became home to Castle Brewery and a biscuit factory. It was the age of industry and the suburb saw a rise in factories and warehouses. The fashionable seaside suburb saw itself changing to an industrial smokestack. Woodstock residents bid their beach farewell when it was incorporated into the Foreshore scheme the following century.

Woodstock in the 20th century

21st Century 

Woodstock today is  a perfect example of urban revival with the Old biscuit mill boasting two world class restaurants and an open air market. There is also four craft beer breweries that call Woodstock home. Along with cafe’s, quaint houses and sun dappled streets. This once small fishing hamlet on the foot of Table Mountain has become a favourite amongst artists, creatives and vagabonds.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our world class studios here in the heart of Cape Town.

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