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Mexique by Adrian Lazarus

  • 18th Dec 2012 This is fun video production I shot with my wife Nicky Felbert in Cape Town. We were asked to do a live shoot at film industry event. as exciting as that sounded we realized that there were challenges that…


Woshbox – when nature calls on location

  • 26th Nov 2012

The one thing we all dread when going to a film shoot in a remote location or large event is what the ablutions are going to be like. Even though all our studios have toilet facilities we may are expecting hundreds of people so we’ve called in WOSHBOX who specialise in providing top quality toilets and service to the film and events industry. Their units are clean, easy to transport, operate off solar power and have a special chemical formula that keeps them smelling fresh, even after frequent use.

WOSHBOX units are light and easy to transport and our factory in Cape Town is conveniently located in Woodstock, with easy access to the freeway. Being solar-powered means that the units run efficiently without needing to be charged or pumped out while you’re busy on a job. The units are clean and our efficient team ensures that they are kept in tip-top shape.

Their toilets work harder for longer, needing fewer call-outs and less chemistry. The units are a popular choice amongst event managers who appreciate our creative design flair and the guarantee that our units can cope with frequent use. The toilet’s hands-free operation and eco-friendly chemicals, make it a more hygienic and pleasant smelling option.

There are also additional options like


Helena Blok

  • 15th Oct 2012

Originally from the Netherlands, Helena has been on the scene art directing commercials and styling stills for around 20 years, likes photography, design, clay and effectuation, remembers the past mostly incorrectly, and tries to lead a serendipitous life.

This week we chatted with Helena to find out a bit more about her like the fact that she is a


Carnival memories

  • 12th Oct 2012

Here's a short stop-motion clip of the famous carnival that took place at Roodebloem Studios in December 2011. Looking forward to even more fun this November at the Film and Event Media end of year Fiesta at our studios.


DJ Didier – La French Connection

  • 12th Oct 2012

DJ Didier is probably the most versatile DJ you’ll ever meet, his musical background comes from his father who was a saxophone player.

He grew up surrounded by soul and funky music, and discovered House music on his work as a dancer and choreographer for European artists.

Mixing in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg or Cape Town made him a respected and well followed DJ by his audience.

Always surrounded by models and actors (that he calls his crew) DJ Didier knows how to make everyone feel at ease on the dance floor.

Currently based in Cape Town he aspires to


XDC set to create a unique & memorable experience at our studios next month

  • 5th Oct 2012

Born in Cape Town, Deb trained in all styles of dance; enjoying a career performing in musical theatre productions, cabaret nightclubs, television and corporate events throughout South Africa, and abroad. Inspired by teachers, choreographers and many wonderful directors, Deb started her own commercial dance company responsible for all choreography, costuming, musical direction, production and marketing.

Twenty years abroad have endowed Deb with a plethora of events related expertise, from event design and production, dance education and creation to motherhood, birthing new projects along her Journey.  Deb moved back to her hometown in August 2011 with her husband and daughter, inspired and invigorated to continue her passion…Dance Theatre!

XDC was launched at Trinity, Cape Town on April 3rd 2012.  eXpress Dance Company’s professional performers, captivate the audience with highly stylized choreography, costumes and dance theatre throughout the event; creating a memorable experience for all!  XDC prides itself with being a source of entertainment excelling in versatility and where passion meets style with simplicity. Custom to the client’s requests, XDC provides a professional production every time…whatever the theme and however large or small the event!


Getting to Knowles, Solange

  • 3rd Oct 2012

A few weeks ago we had Solange Knowles in our studios for a cover shoot with Elle Magazine with fashion photographer Justin Polkey. You can read more about Solange in our September Newsletter here. While in South Africa she was also filming the…


ZART City with Canon Tilt shift Lens

  • 26th Sep 2012

[vimeo 43903101 w=640&h=380] A short video of Cape Town, South Africa, made using Canon's Tilt-Shift Lenses. Using the Lenses in a specific way, a miniature effect is acquired. Made possible by: PixelFish Photography - and  Roodebloem Studios - Special Thanks…



  • 8th Jun 2012

It was great to catch up with first-timer to Roodebloem Studios, Film Director Roy Zetisky, and his production team who spent a day at Roodebloem Studios recently shooting a TV commercial for Motions, a hair care products company. The Buchannan Group TV script…



  • 31st Mar 2012

Jack Parow and pregnant girlfriend Jenna Pietersen stripped down in our studios last month for the cover of Marie Claire's "Naked Issue". Cape Town photographer Jesse-Leigh Elford took the pics. Every year this popular magazine encourages local personalities such as singers, presenters,…

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