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set build for TV commercial in Roodebloem Studios' Church
It was great to catch up with first-timer to Roodebloem Studios, Film Director Roy Zetisky, and his production team who spent a day at Roodebloem Studios recently shooting a TV commercial for Motions, a hair care products company.

The Buchannan Group TV script required a girl to sit in a swivel chair suspended from the ceiling whilst recording dialogue so both a high ceiling and sound proofing were required and fortunately Roodebloem’s Church was able to help perfectly. We have a rig permanently attached to the 11m high ceiling for these kinds of hanging shots and shooting for sound has always been easily managed here before.

behind the scenes at Roodebloem Studios

Roy said “working at Roodebloem was an absolute pleasure. I felt very much at home as it’s a cozy and warm environment to work in which makes my job so much easier. When one shoots in a large cold studio environment it can be very difficult to get performances out of people because they feel so uncomfortable but at Roodebloem we didn’t have that problem and everyone was very relaxed. I’m now dying to get a chance to shoot in one of the daylight studios”.

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