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On the 24th April we had the privilege of hosting David Meulen for the launch of his debut album “@davidmeulen” at our photographic studios in Woodstock.

David Meulen album launch at Roodebloem Studios

The event was held in our Daylight Studio building making use of the Kitchen Studio as a welcome area with a bar serving drinks. Guests could then go upstairs and admire the night lights of the city from the Roof Deck.

While you might think a photographic studio is an unusual venue for an album launch, David Meulen and the band used the space very creatively to put on an amazing show. Performing in Jett Studio they transformed the brilliant white curve into an amazing stage by projected psychedelic patterns, animations and other visuals onto it during their set. If you missed it, take a look at these awesome images by Laura McCullagh to get a feel of the vibe on the night.

David Meulen Album Launch event at Roodebloem Studios

Take a listen to ‘Remember Me?’, the first single from the album and be sure to look out for David Meulen on the charts. And if you like what you hear, then you can get more on iTunes.

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