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Exactly two months after showing their headline-making autumn/winter 2016 collection
Curio | City at AFI Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg, Mille Collines are back with this powerful show and photographic exhibition and to introduce Namnyak Odupoy as designer since March 2015.
Photographed by Aubrey Jonnson of One League Creative Management in our Hall studio, the catalogue images used for the exhibition and show were conceptualised by show producer Deon Redman and styled by Art Directors Inés Milles and Marc Collines.

Curio | City is a tribute to African women and celebrates the power of these women as beauties as well as individuals. The Halls 180sm floor space made it comfortable for the large team of models and creatives to relax between shots and have space to move while involved in the process of wrapping the wonderful turbans seen in the shots. Makeup by Raine Tauber and Gareth Coleman of M.A.C Cosmetics who used the make up room space to work their magic and store their kits.

Mille Collines’ take on the new Africa is a refreshing, elegant mix of tailored suits, beading, elegant evening wear as well as their trademark resort wear. Each look was strikingly rounded off with a turban: “We believe the turbans are the high heels of Africa. We believe in a very natural, clean and simple aesthetic. We believe a woman almost doesn’t need anything else; she is quite amazing as she is,” Inés Mille says.

“It’s not about having a ‘show’, but rather an interactive, engaging experience in a minimalist space. All the elements were pared down and presented as simply and honestly as possible,” says Redman. “We wanted to take a fresh approach and present African fashion without having it become a styled spectacle.”
They therefore looked for “not just models, but for individuals, each of whom is on her own journey through the world, regardless of where she comes from.” The nine participating models, each wearing a turban, presented themselves in a tableau before taking turns to introduce themselves and share what it means to be a woman who is proud of her roots and inspired by Africa.

Majority of words and all info by Jenna McArthur PR and her wonderful press release.

Exhibition images Printed by ArtLab
In Collaboration with M.A.C Cosmetics,

Behind the Scenes Images by Tatyana Levana

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