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Virgin Active Collection is the ultimate luxury personalised health and wellness experience and the featured images on the brochures, website and video content used to launch the new health clubs in their redefined luxury were shot at our studios.
Photographer @Nick Aldridge shot the final images seen below across two of our studio spaces.

The  180sm Hall Studio was used for the body art shots where models were covered in silver paint, wrapped in white tubed fabric and held with gold painted hands to get the desired feel for the images. The dripping gold shoe was overseen by SFX guy Dale Ontong to achieve the perfect paint dribbles on the trainer seen in the final shot above.

Given the fact that it has water draining facilities, the Drive-In Studio on the first level of the Daylight Building is the perfect space to shoot any scene where water is involved.
A medium sized swimming pool, the lighting setup and the team were able to shoot comfortably on the studios large curve, draining the water after Nick got his shots.

Photographic Assistant: @robin.bernstein of Cape Collective Assist
Production: Gina Howse and Greham Bartholomew
Styling: Jade Ashton Scully
Makeup: Kaley Elizabeth Claire
Model: Lesala Mampa
Dancers: Thola Antamu, Simone Both, Thami NJoko and Pasha Dossantos 
Agency: Kinsmen Collective ~ Fred Viljoen and Gideon Van Lill
SFX: Dale Ontong
BTS Photos by Tatyana Levana and Greham Bartholomew


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