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The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) has been brought on board by Virgin to develop a conceptual approach and way forward for the for the global brand’s expression. Last month they hosted a handpicked team of global Virgin creatives, who flew in from around the world participate in a weekend-long creative boot camp held at our studios, facilitated by Jupiter and Interactive Africa, organizers of Design Indaba. During this weekend they participated in a number of break-off sessions and workshops creating a collaborative vision for the identity for the brand.

As part of this process, five sensory experts were brought in to inspire and lead the creative process. The sensory experts are:

  • Andrew Shoben (UK), creator of The Clockwork Forest and sound artist
  • Sissel Tolaas (Berlin), founder of The Re_Search Lab for research on smell
  • Joel Gethin Lewis (UK), creator of ’24 Hour Music’ and ‘Hello Cube’, who led the workshop on sight
  • Marije Vogelzang (Netherlands), developer of experimental restaurants and creator of food rituals
  • Willem Boshoff (SA), artist and druid who led the presentation on touch

Watch this video of all the fun they had in our studios in Woodstock.

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