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We are known in Cape Town for our photographic and film studios but they are also very versatile spaces that can be transformed into amazing venues for any number of events and shows. One such production was this concept show “Tale From The Edge” directed by Valentina Leo (Mrs Love) and produced by Shereen Amos (Sugarbird Studios).

Filmed and performed in our Church Studio the cast included SircuSynergy artists – Orlando Vargas, Natalie Roberts Vargas Riveros, Magnificent Marco Vargas, Kerry-Lee Brandt and singer Lauren Amy Hofmeyr and entertainer Rory Avenstrup.

The great benefit of our studios as a venue space is that they are blank canvases leaving you free to decorate them to your own specifications. Use our infinity curves as stages, white surfaces to project images onto or paint them any colour you like. For this production they rigged up ropes and pulleys to suspend the artists from the ceiling.

Click play below and see the incredible performances as well as the possibilities of our studio spaces for your next event.


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