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Most people in Cape Town know our photo studios but we also rent out photographic equipment and lighting. We also carry an extensive range of Profoto flash packs and light shapers. We want to help you with your shoot and so every month we will highlight a different item in our photographic equipment arsenal to show you what the possibilities are.

Jao Carlos - Free falling

This image was taken by Joao Carlos, New York-based fashion, commercial and fine art photographer, using a Softbox 3 x 4′ RF. It forms a part of his series Free Falling. While it looks as though the image was shot underwater and the model is swimming, it was in fact shot in the studio and the model was in fact jumping.

Explaining how he set up the lights in studio Joao Carlos explained, “since I wanted to recreate the sun at midday on a cloudy day, I put the Softbox 3×4’ RF directly above Katy and plugged it into the Pro- 7a. I had two black boards to flag off the light. I also had two Westcott reflectors on the floor – one 5-in-one, utilizing the silver side, and a larger Scrim Jim silver.”


The post production was kept to a minimum thanks to the models loose clothing that flowed as if suspended in water as well as the storm grey backdrop. And the bubbles were in fact produced using powder. Watch this behind-the-scenes video to see exactly how it was done.

Read the full article on the Profoto website

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