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From a very young age, Mathew Gold always had his mind set on doing something extraordinary, but everyone assumed it would be shooting hoops on the basketball court. Gold couldn’t refute the pull he felt towards music as a young boy, especially having grown up in a musical family. After completing school, Mathew enrolled in the Waterfront Theatre School, where his talents for music and theatre become evident. What followed was a top 12 place in season five of South African Idols, a TV presenter role for SABC hit TV magazine show, Hectic Nine-9, and the lead role in a major commercial.

2012 was definitely Mathews’ year as he worked together with Juliet Harding from GoodLuck to record vocals on their SAMA nominated track, Taking It Easy. The decision was made there and then – Mathew, at just 22 years old, was to be the first GoodLuck Live’s recording artist. Gold’s new album, The Rush, is set to be released in the coming months and features productions by Crazy White Boy, Justin Denobrega, AKA, Mr Sakitumi, Pascal and Pierce, David Jones and GoodLuck.

‘No Ordinary Guy’ tells the story of an ordinary man on his quest for greatness and was based on a free-style recorded on Gold’s phone at a party, where he knew instantly that AKA would be a great addition to take the track to the next level. Inspired by Hip Hop and electronic music in South Africa, Gold wanted to create a track which crossed over both platforms and intertwined the electronic pop sound of his album with hip hop and Dance.

We asked Mathew if there any plans to make another music video and he said, “Yes, we are planning to do one for every single for the new album “The Rush”, this is only the beginning.”

So here is the video for ‘No Ordinary Guy’ and leave a comment below to let us know what you think….

Mathew Gold can be found on social media at or you can follow him on Twitter @MathewGoldMusic and AKA @akaworldwide

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