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In their December issue, ELLE Fashion Belle Nicole Newman brings a new take on summer style and talks about the shoot that was photographed in our Drive-In Studio.

Elle magazine SA uptown girl photoshoot at roodebloem photographic studios

Why Uptown Girl?

We called the shoot Uptown Girl, because the title encapsulates the styling and feel of the shoot. This girl is the embodiment of sophistication and knows how to dress up any outfit whether it’s for day or night – she always steps out looking her best. As our December issue is all about getting festive, we also wanted to suggest a ‘party’ atmosphere, which this shoot does.

Who was the photographer?

We shot with Ricardo Simal for the first time – we had wanted to shoot with him for a while but were waiting for the perfect opportunity! This was definitely it, as his lighting is always impeccable and we wanted fresh crisp lighting. I’ll let you in on a secret – the entire shoot was shot using daylight…

Our Drive-In photographic studio has a 55m2 glass roof for all the daylight you want (or it can be blacked out) and there is an adjustable silk above the infinity curve that you can raise and lower as required. This studio also has a dedicated make-up room where Kevin Epstein (hair) and Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch (make-up) from Supernova CM can be seen prepping the model Gara (Max Models) for the shoot.

Here is a quick behind the scenes video to see how the different looks were created in front of the camera in our Drive-In Studio.

To read more about this shoot be sure to visit the Elle blog.

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